Monday, September 24, 2012

Will You Sleep Tonight?

My name is often whispered, my memory abhorred,
My touch brings out the blisters, my skin is cracked and torn.
My eyes are small and heartless, just circles black as soot.
They blend into the darkness, for fear I’d wake you up.

I lurk beneath the shadows, forever out of sight –  Am I a distant memory, or will you sleep tonight?

I can’t keep in the giggles, I gently stroke your cheek.
Your mind blocks out my presence,
above you while you sleep.
There’s nothing left between us,
I feel your beating heart.
Beside myself with bloodlust,
Where will I leave my mark?

I know you won’t forget me, but try hard as you might – Am I a distant memory, or will you sleep tonight?

And now I’m in no hurry, my fingers pierce your flesh.
Your screams cut through the silence,
but you have no time left.
You soon cry out for mercy, then death as relief.
I cackle til’ I leave you, a pile of broken meat.

There’s nothing left to save you, all love will fall to spite – Am I a distant memory, or will you sleep tonight?

My tongue mops up your fluids, I slowly lick my fangs.
My specter borne of hellflame, of which the angels sang.
I count them in their thousands, the years to empty years.
I’ll burn your soul to ashes- It’s pointless to feel fear.

Now if you plan to sleep my friend, at least leave on the light – Beware of distant memories, I Always Work At Night…

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Amnesia The Dark Descent giveaway!

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Having a twitter account.
Having a steam account and client in order to recieve the key.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The mistake.

You’ve made a lot of them. But you’ve always managed to escape the consequences so far. You know that flash out of the corner of your eye, like picking up some peripheral movement just out of sight, and then you turn your head and there’s nothing there? That was one of the times you’ve made a mistake.

That creeping, unsettling feeling that you’re being watched, that there is something dark and sinister near that can see you? That’s a warning tens of thousands of years of instinct has driven into your body that you’re about to make a mistake.

And that unexplained bruise, that fresh cut you can’t remember receiving, those times you wake up sweating, screaming, and breathing like you’d just run a marathon and can’t remember why? Those are the times when they almost got you.

What are they? Well, it’s hard to describe. Imagine trying to explain ‘red’ to a blind man. You can’t really explain it, you just have to experience it for yourself. And you really don’t want to experience this. I can tell you that you are just one thing to them: food. And they can keep you alive for quite a long time while they eat.

You’ve probably heard at least one unexplained sound while reading this. Maybe it’s nothing. But sometimes it’s one of them trying to break through, to find you. But they won’t, not unless you make a mistake. When you make a mistake, it’s like dangling a piece of meat in front of a pack of hungry dogs and then yanking it away again. Sometimes they don’t react quick enough. Sometimes they do. There are so many unsolved disappearances over the centuries, it’s hard to tell how many were victims of their own kind, and how many simply made one too many mistakes.

You see, it’s when people are most worried about making mistakes that they tend to mess up the most. What mistakes are there to make? If I told you that, you’d just make sure you didn’t do them anymore. And that would be a shame.

We almost got you last time.

source: here
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