Monday, December 17, 2012

The Gable Film.

A few years ago, this mysterious footage surfaced and quickly made the internet rounds. For reasons unknown, it had been simply known as The Gable Film. Little else was known about its origins, other than the supposed fact that the 8mm film was discovered in an attic and purchased at an estate sale.

The film you are about to watch is the complete, unedited version. I strongly recommend viewing the film throughout its entirety, from beginning to end. Pay attention to details, they will be important later.

Two days ago, an important new piece of evidence surfaced which, if true, may lead to solving the mystery of the Gable Film. Check out the video posted by YouTube user QuinlanOUR12. I feel obligated to post a note of warning here: if this new footage is indeed authentic, then it is extremely graphic and disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Questions remain. What was the creature that attacked the cameraman in the original Gable Film? And is the gruesome discovery in QuinlanOUR12's new footage linked to the original Gable Film???

Film footage courtesy Mindstage Productions. Check out for more information.

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