Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Abduction of the family Mcpherson.

A night at the Thanksgiving Dinner , a child begins to record dinner with your camera home and suddenly the power goes out. Then, using the camera light, the three brothers go into the yard looking for the fuse box for review while the rest of the family stays at home with candles lighting up.

While leveraging the light of the camera and verify that the fuses are in good condition, the background is that some power lines begin to make short, it appears that a transformer is exploding and then the 3 brothers leave the fuses and approach the high voltage cables. They get to see that aside from where the explosions occur is a light that stands in the midst of total darkness in which they are, except for the light of the video camera.

So begins one of the most shocking video of my childhood, still gives me a lot of fear andincredible atmosphere that is a classic that never gets old.

Truth or myth? the fear that small invaders enter your room it becomes real.


  1. Why do I always read these at night with the light off...

    1. I do the same thing! I get creeped the fuck out!

  2. im not scared!!!!! look i just turned the light on ;dddddd

  3. I love that film. I don't know if it's real or not, but still love it

  4. The video is a little long but I'm gonna watch it

  5. I realy belive in this, i support you, nice movie

  6. I used to get nightmares from this kinda stuff as a kid. Very very very creepy blog.

  7. Aliens... I believe, and I do have fear of them. So creepy!

  8. Really love this movie. Seems like the amateur videos are always the scariest just because they feel more real, to me at least.


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