Monday, May 28, 2012

Police shoot naked man chewing on victim's face. Links + more info.

A man attacked another man in Miami, he bit off his face and wouldn't respond when spoken to, and later when shot.The man took 6 shots to be killed, all the while he continued eating the man's face.

Some people are saying zombies, others are saying PCP.

The original article that sparked all this is here:

The link to the only archived thread is here:

People are also monitoring the Miami police radio for any hints at anything out of the ordinary.

Police radio:

To help you understand the radio:


  1. Oh yeah I heard about this and there are more related stories all within a week happening in the Florida area. I live in Florida but I'm on the other coast away from Miami. I think its all just fun and games at this point really, but hey you never know. Can't be too careful about a zombie apocalypse.

  2. I'm hoping zombies but I'm thinking PCP or mental illness!

  3. he took 6 shots to be killed. One tough zombie

  4. This is all over the internet, I'm just hoping he was on PCP

  5. i'm glad he's dead

  6. This was some crazy sh!t...

  7. That man must have been very hungry.

  8. Its that drug called bath salts


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