Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I am Sam.

I have reached the gates of Hell. I entered without fear. I met the Lord of All Evil, and we made a deal. I got back to Earth, with a task.

I have to kill 665 people before I die. If I do so, I will spend eternity as a Demon King in Hell, with my own Legion to command. Of course, I’m very delighted by that perspective…

There is one condition, though: I cannot just kill random people. There is a trigger: if they hear one simple incantation involving my name, they are eligible to be my target. I managed to make my job easier, putting this spell into a book, a famous one, so that many people will probably hear it. I am very smart, indeed.
So, after you hear the deadly sentence, I will know you. And, when you are least expecting, you’ll see my shadow out the corner of your eyes. And when you turn your head to see what that was… it will be too late.
I will be waiting untill you hear my name again.

Sam I am.


  1. nice
    i am sam also a name of movie

  2. Wow, that is one crazy task

  3. Hard bricks were shat

  4. In a Mormon journal, clearly parodying arguments for the Book of Mormon,[11] it has been jokingly suggested that, within Green Eggs and Ham, "the rich presence of complex chiasmi, multiple Hebraicisms, Israelite cultural references, and Old Testament themes supports the theory that Green Eggs and Ham is, in fact, an ancient text of Semitic origin. Theodor Geisel... clearly is not the author of the book... No doubt, inspired scholars will soon research and discover the answers to these and many other questions as this complicated but vital narrative finally receives the serious academic scrutiny it so richly merits."

  5. When I got it, I smiled a bit but then I was freaked out. That's evil going after little children lol.

  6. Ha! My wife named our youngest cat Sam I Am. I should have known he was a demon king.

  7. meh, it should have been a little less common name

  8. My boyfriend's name is Sam...


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